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Keepsafe – Private Photo Vault For Android

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KeepSafe Photo Vault is one of those photo vault apps that keeps your photos private and inaccessible to anyone who can access your private files without your permission. It has been downloaded millions of times. Is it secure to lock and protect photos on your iPhone and Android phone with keepsafe? This article provides a brief overview of KeepSafe, its main features, pros, cons, and instructions. Read unbiased reviews to make the right decision.

Keepsafe Softwares is a US-based technology company that makes the Photo Vault app. This tech company is headquartered in California, USA. The founder and CEO of KeepSafe Software, Zouhair Belkoura, launched an app to make it easier for everyone to manage their digital assets. In addition to the Keep Safe app, an American app development company is responsible for creating another app called Calculator Photo Vault, which functions similarly to KeepSafe. However, it has its calculator app and a powerful lock.

Is KeepSafe Safe?

Online security and privacy are a top priority of the people. The CEO of Keepsafe Software, Zouhair Belkoura, launched the KeepSafe android app to help people create strong boundaries between their private, social and professional lives to protect personal digital items. The Keep safe Vault service provides a safe space on a user’s iPhone, Android, or tablet to securely store important information such as photos, videos, and personal files. According to KeepSafe Support, the app uses military-grade encryption. To ensure privacy, Keep safe does not have system administrators or IT staff able to access or view your content.

How to Use Keepsafe on Your Phone

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a useful app for Android and iPhone users to hide their private photos and videos. If you decide to use it on your phone, follow the guide below to master it quickly. Look at the example of using Keep safe Photo Vault on your Android phone.

Step 1: Download Keepsafe Photo Vault from Google Play or App Store and install it on your smartphone. After that, you can launch the photo vault app to lock and hide photos and videos.

Step 2: For the first time, you must enter the PIN code to lock your photos and videos. Also, you can enter your major email address to restore your PIN code when you forget it.

Step 3: Once you enter the app, it is time to add your photos and videos. Tap the menu icon and select Add Photo to open your photo library. You can open the photo library and click the share icon.

Step 4: Whenever you want to unhide your images, select them in the Keepsafe app, and then click unhide button. Only enter the correct password, and you can view your images in Photo Vault again.

Use Keepsafe For:

-Preserving special memories

-Save family photos

-Protecting copies of your driver’s license, ID, credit card

-Arrange important documents

What Makes Keepsafe Different?

• With more than 70 million users, this photo vault has won awards

• Beautiful design and user experience. Easily to upload, view, and organize your photos

• Easy scrolling to view your photos on all your devices

Keepsafe Lock Page

How Do I Ise KeepSafe to View My Cloud Storage?

You can save your personal information using Keepsafe vault, a free vault service for Android and iOS devices. Download keepsafe from Google Play. Only the vault’s owner may access the password to access the personal information in this vault. The Keep Safe vault requires a safety pin and a fingerprint to open. Except for the PIN and finger, this is the most secure private cloud storage.

Use your PIN or fingerprint to protect your privacy and your account. Go to your media library and select the option to share a file. Depending on your file size and needs, you can choose between a free and a premium plan with keep.safe private cloud storage. Cloud backup is the best option, even if you need to free up internal storage space.

You can store up to 200 files for free in the KeepSafe cloud and up to 5000 files in the premium cloud service. Keep safe Cloud cannot back up your data unless you enable sync settings. Keepsafe Vault and Private Cloud are available separately for Android.

To ensure the security of your vaults, everyone should have a private cloud app on their phone. In today’s data-driven world, you can protect your data by putting limits and prohibitions in place. Keepsafe Private Cloud encrypts your data using AES-256, the strongest military-grade encryption strategy to protect your data.

KeepSafe private cloud storage also provides advanced features such as photo recovery. This means that after you delete your photos from your mobile device, they are still available in your private cloud. Like regular cloud services, you can transfer photos between devices using private cloud storage.

Basic Features of Keepsafe

  • Store all your photos and videos on iOS and Android devices
  • Back up your photos and albums to avoid data loss
  • To arrange images into various categories, create custom albums
  • View your photos and videos in full screen or slideshow
  • Take a photo with the Keepsafe app on your iPhone or Android
  • Share and send private photos for a limited time
  • Sync your photos from your mobile device
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Touch ID, fingerprint, or PIN code protection

KeepSafe Premium Features

  • Lock specific albums with individuals PIN codes
  • Store up to 10,000 photos and videos in the cloud
  • Video and photo compression after cloud backup
  • Recover accidentally deleted photos
  • Remove ads and improve your experience
  • Set a specific photo as an album thumbnail
  • Break-in alerts

How Do I Restore My Photos Using Keepsafe Private Cloud?

Now you can use Keep safe Private Cloud to recover your lost photos. Use this method if your photos are stored in a private cloud.

To go into editing mode:

Tap the Keepsafe app again.

Remove it with ease

Reinstall keepsafe from the Play Store after signing out

Select Enable Private Cloud from the drop-down option that appears in the Settings menu.

After a while, reopen the app.


You can easily hide and lock your photos and videos with a simple user interface.

Support many photo vault techniques, including pin and fingerprint.

Locking the photos with a high level of security will assure their safety


The backup features and others are available in a premium version.

When the photos are hidden, the free version’s advertising is annoying.

Backup files may be limited due to the limited storage capacity of your smartphone.

Top 10 Best KeepSafe Alternatives?

KeepSafe securely stores your entire photo library in an encrypted private cloud. Back up your photos, save valuable hard drive space with Keep Safe mobile and desktop apps, and access your password-protected photo and photo app library. There are more than 10 alternatives to Keepsafe for different platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, F-Droid, and Android tablets. All alternatives are listed below:

Stingle Photos

Stingle Photos is a secure photo and video backup and encryption app that provides protection, privacy, encryption, and secure cloud storage to save media from tampering and data leakage.


Photok is a free Photo-Safe.  It stores your photos on your device and hides them from others. Protect your photos with technologies like AES-256 encryption standard or encrypt. Photok has no adverts, is open source, and is totally free.

Magic Photo Vault

Magic Photo Vault is an iOS app to hide private photos and videos on iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X, and 11.


Privacy is used to hide private photos and videos. The privacy safe with AES encryption is a photo and file security system that uses authentic AES-256 -bit encryption.

App Lock and Gallery Vault

AppLock & Gallery Vault is an all-in-one security and privacy app for Android phones. With this app, you can lock and protect apps on your phone with a password and hide, lock and encrypt important photos and videos.


F-Vault provides users easy and secure way to access their personal files. You can easily store sensitive files in a place where no one can access them.

Any file can be added to F-Vault by drag and drop or via menus. F-Vault keeps separate copies of these files (Uninstalling F-Vault will also delete files stored in F-Vault. To avoid file loss, please export files from F-Vault before uninstalling)

VLTR – Hide Photo Secret Vault

Protect your photos and videos so only you can see your secret files. Don’t risk your personal photos from now on! This app is so easy to use that you can get all your photos in just a few clicks!


Pinbox securely stores your personal photos, files, notes, and passwords. No one but you can see your personal information.

All photos and files are protected with the latest encryption algorithms, including PIN code protection or fingerprint authentication.

Hide Secrets

Do you have any secrets? So hide it. Hide Secrets is one of the best Android apps to hide your secrets when your phone is not in your hand. You also can hide photos, text messages/ SMS messages, videos, apps/apps, all files, contacts, call logs, photo albums, and notes on your Android phone.

Hide Picture in Hidey

The best app to hide your private photos and videos securely. You don’t have to worry about your private photos and videos. This app keeps it safe in a secure vault.


The simplest tool for privacy and security is a keepsafe Photo Vault. Keepsafe provides a protected place to safely store important content like photos, videos, and personal files on your iPhone, Android, or tablet. Keep safe mobile app uses military-grade encryption. Keepsafe does not allow IT administrators or systems to access or view your content to ensure privacy.

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KeepSafe Photo Vault is a photo vault app that protects your photos, videos, and documents. Import your private photos into a password-protected encrypted locker for safe keeping. Individual albums can be locked for another layer of safety. Keepsafe’s Private Photo Vault allows you to free up space on your phone by backup your photos to your private cloud storage.

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