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What is SHAREit – Transfer & Share Files

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You can use Shareit to get rid of the old Bluetooth and switch to Android mode faster. Shareit can be used on undisputed King’s wireless file-sharing features phone-to-phone or phone-to-PC. A file of any size and any type can be shared. Just connect and start sharing. Shared Spontaneity is a secure SHAREit app featured on many sites and blogs. Almost everyone who loves to share this information downloads the app.

SHAREit is a file-sharing app that works on any device, regardless of the operating system. You can send files to iOS, desktops, or cross-platform devices. In addition, Items are transferred via a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also create groups like WhatsApp to send the content to many people.

Media that you can share using it are pictures, audio, video, and contacts. The complete app can also be shared from one device to another. You can use Shareit to share photos, documents, videos, web data, audio, and APK files.

The SHAREit app is Faster than Bluetooth. The good news is that you can use this app without an internet connection. But if you are not familiar with the SHAREit app, you can try Xender.

Why Shareit?

Did you know transfers via SHARE-it are 200 times faster than Bluetooth?

The main reason why the SHAREit is such a great idea is that the creators have considered every problem that users may encounter and ensure that it does not occur here. Most important to you, No matter how large a file you plan to send. This application is free to use, and no purchase is required to get started.

How Does SHAREit Work?

This app is a dependable app for wirelessly transferring data between iPad, iPhone, Android, and window devices. You can transfer all of the devices to which you wish to transfer the files are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • First, install the SHAREit application on each device that sends and receives data from this software.
  • Choose “Send” and the file you want to send from the sending device.
  • Click the receive button on the receiving device.
  • Data transferred. Because the transfer is done locally via Wi-Fi rather than through the cloud, it is usually rather quick.

If you’re using an Android device, you can choose the file location where you want to save it. But the iPod, iPhone, and only you can save the file SHAREit application folder. Android version offers additional features at no cost, including one-touch photo backup, stream photos, control PowerPoint slides show, and remotely view files.

SHAREit Homepage

What’s New in SHAREit?

New Feature – Share Zone

When connecting with pals, you can choose whatever you want from their Zone.

Fastest in the World

It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

Transfer Files Without Losing Quality

Transferred all types of data like photos, video, already installed applications, and music, and the other was given.

Cross-Platform Transferring

SHAREit is a cross-platform sharing for phones, computers, tablets, Android & iOS & Windows Phone & Windows XP/7/8 to the latest version.

Phone Replicate

Replicate contacts, SMS, MMS, music, video, applications, and other data from your old phone to the new one in just one click.

Unlimited Online Video

HD & Selective, Offline watching, Continuously updated.

Best Video Player

SHAREit can play practically any format and provides a seamless experience.

Discover Trending Music

There are tens of millions of high-quality songs and thousands of curated playlists online and offline.

Improve the connection

Accessing location, help this app to discover users. As a result, the android system requires access 

to this permission.

Quick Search

By using Bluetooth Connection, SHAREit can find near users more quickly, making it easier to connect with Sender / Receiver.

With SHAREit, You Can:

Transfer File Faster

To move all files with his friends, with fast speed. Quick transfer, speed up to phone / high-speed data exchange and high-speed data transfer rate of 480 MB/s, high-speed file transmission without mobile data.

Share Anytime For Free

With SHAREit mobile app, you may share any file at any time. You can stay in touch with friends. You do not need to submit a request to your internet connection if you transfer files through this app. Easy to share, scan to connect. No internet needs as simple as it gets.

Transfer Any File Type

Transfer any file without losing quality like photos, videos, ebook, docs, music, app, zip, txt, etc. Cross-platform sharing of different file formats is supported on SHAREit, from Android, iOS, and computers (Windows & MAC)

Share Any File Size

Share movies, videos, photos, music, applications, documents, and any other file types of unlimited file size. There is no need to compromise with the SHAREit app if you want to keep the same file quality.    

Share Any Number Of Files.

Send just one or many files as one collection: Photo albums, video collections, music lists, movie collections, and other documents.


Enjoy The High-End Features The App Offers:

File Manager

To manage storage space on the device, you may easily see, transfer, and remove data. It is easy to check how many files and apps in your phone.

Clean Booster

To free up your storage space, you can clean junk files directly from Shareit. With the app’s speed booster and cleaner tool, you may clean and speed up your phone.

SHAREit Tips:

If you use SHAREit the first time, these tips might help you. Ensure the devices aren’t too far apart because the discoverable range is roughly 100 feet. You can pick, drag, and drop the files you want to transmit. There was no hope for these things before. Mash 100ft CNN skills aren’t far. You can select a file or need to take it off. These downloaded files can be seen in the SHAREit folder.

Since this app effortlessly offers cross-platform sharing, it has become extremely popular among users, no matter which device they have. So stay in touch with your friends, you can choose what you want can be chosen freely by your friend.


SHAREit has simplified our lives with wireless technology. You can share your data securely with your friends and family with one click to use to send data. You do not need to wait for hours and hours to share your large files. Furthermore, you do not require internet or data connectivity to upload your data.

The advantage of this application is that it can be shared by multiple users and files simultaneously. With our regular Bluetooth connection, only one person can share files simultaneously. But now, with the SHAREEit, you can create a receiver group and share the files with all of them simultaneously.

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