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Osmose Technology – Complete Detail About Osmose Technology Ptv. Ltd

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Osmose Technology

OSMOSE TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Limited Company established on 24/12/2019. The company is classified as a Non-Government with a registered address under the RoC-Pune as per their Identification Number. Osmose Technology registration state is Maharashtra is the state where osmose technology is registered. Its licensed share capital is 500,000, and its paid capital is 10,000. The Osmose Affiliate Program attracts everyone because of its recurring income and daily bonuses. Many people review Osmose as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company handling widespread scams or scams.

Osmose Technology Overview

Osmose Technology is an IT company engaged in developing and maintaining technology, software, web applications, websites, mobile applications, networking applications, etcetera. After researching social media, we found that many people share both good and bad experiences with companies. From our research, its era seems to be safe. However, there’s one large hassle that locations it in a suspicious category.

Furthermore, there is no evidence on the internet that OsmoseTechnology Pvt Ltd is a fraud or a scam. Anyone insides it is getting paid and yet to date to have no complaints. They are field technicians, professional engineers, wood scientists, and corrosion specialists with more than 80 years of experience identifying and solving structural problems affecting your property’s health and the durability of your systems and helping you meet your commitment to providing safe, reliable, and affordable service.

Osmose technology appears to be secure based on our investigation, however, there are serious problems that classify it as a suspect. Missing company contacts and missing owner details indicate unsafe on the site. OsmoseTechnology is an e-commerce company like Flipkart and Amazon. Its parent company is Mindskill Gaming Solutions, which is famous for developing android games and social media applications. Make money in both ways, as said below.

Osmose Technology Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Pan Certificate
  • Log in to your account after registration and click the Activate button to complete the purchase for an E-ticket for Osmose.

Who Is Osmose Technology’s Founder?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd has two directors, Vikram Madhukar Patil and Vishal Sarjerao Mahind. Genbeha.  Osmose Technology private limited’s company identification number (CIN) is U72900PN2019PTC188640.

How Does Osmose Technology Work and What Is It?

Osmose attracts more visitors and members to Osmose Store website and Osmose applications through its affiliate program and online payments. 1. Advertising on your website and 2. Selling your product online is two ways people can benefit from the internet.

How Does Osmose technology Generate Revenue?

Affiliates in osmose techno earn income by generating traffic to osmose hoping websites and osmose applications through their affiliate marketing program.

OT primarily focuses on two main applications.

  • Shopping Site
  • Gaming Application

This Affiliate Program focuses on building leads and affiliates for your shopping site.

Osmose Technology Login

To use an account on the osmose technology portal, you must first register for an account. Once registered, you can log in and access your account by following the instructions below.

Osmose login process:

Visit osmosetech.com

Click login option

Go to Osmose Login Cpanel at https://cp5.osmosetech.com/default

Enter your registered member ID in the field

Enter your password and click enter

Your account ID and password are required to log in to Osmose. 

  • If you forget it, you can contact the support team of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd to retrieve it.

But What If You Are Not Registered With Osmose Technology Yet?

You can easily register on the Osmose Portal and log in anytime.

Osmose Registration Procedure:

Open the Website

Enter your sponsor details

Enter sponsor ID

Your name should be exactly as it appears on your bank statement.

Enter your mobile number

Create a high-security security code and send it to us

After this procedure, only your account will receive a unique member ID, which you must enter when logging in. Also, remember your password.

Real or Fake Osmose Technology is Real or Fake?

While this part, we tend to be aiming to analyze whether osmosetechnology is real or not. Read the lines below to find an answer. Currently, Osmose is not in the fraud category. No such indication on the internet is known to be deceitful or fraudulent. However, some think that it is a malicious account for these reasons;

In the About section, the website claims that it relates to health care products but having researched the platform, We discovered that the website does not sell any health-related products. Moreover, according to a survey by Osmose Tech Pvt Ltd, this site is fraudulent and appears suspicious of clothing and other gifts.

Osmose Technology Benefits

  • Earning platform
  • You can make money by adding your members to the company
  • You can find important things like health products and emails on their website
  • On their website, you may get necessities like health supplies and electronics
  • This website has active social media accounts, and you can find it by searching “osmose technology Pvt ltd review.”

Osmose Technology’s Drawbacks:

  • As an Osmose tech Pvt Ltd member, you must pay 1180 rupees
  • Osmose does not provide contacts or communication processing services which are highly risky
  • The site asks people to pay membership fees, and people complain that this is a scam
  • Negative reviews about the company on the various consumer forums


Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd is an e-commerce option like Flipkart, Amazon, and other exciting platforms, giving the large chances to earn. There are many business programs in the market, but some do not make money, but Osmose Techno is in demand from which you can gain a large amount.

We urge all members to stay away from these kinds of money-making websites or schemes and their members. You must do proper research before any involvement or money transfer. If you have any experience, kindly share it in the comment section below.

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