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How to Memorialize Facebook Account With Death Report

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How to Memorialize Facebook Account

Once one is gone, it can be difficult and painful to find out about their social media accounts.  We’ve created a guide on how to post death information on social media, but what if you want to manage your account? Here is a guide on turning one of your Facebook accounts into a warning page to protect and respect your identity.

Start with the Facebook Memorialize request form to request a memorialized account. Once an account is memorialized, your friends and family will continue to post your memories and stories on the site according to your privacy settings. One of the immediate benefits of the memorial page is that it doesn’t display ads, birthdays, or “people you know” remembering. After the memorialization, a “remembering” will appear on the profile.

What Is Legacy Contact

Other benefits of a memorialized account page include securing an account by preventing others from logging in. Only legacy contacts can change the memorialized account even if the account is known on Facebook.

Defining legacy contact for an account is an important step, and the legacy contact is the person responsible for maintaining the memorialized account.

This Person Has The Following Options:

  • Respond to friend request
  • Make a memorial post
  • Stick the post top of the profile.
  • Make sure the avatar and cover photo are respectful of the memorial wall.

Download a duplicate of the substance shared on Facebook.

You may say they are just like the executor of the Facebook account. If the account owner does not select the legacy contact, the account will not be actively managed.

Note: If the account holder seeks to permanently delete their account after their death, the account will be deleted when Facebook is notified about their passing.

How to Set Legacy Contact:

To set up legacy contact for your Facebook account, take these steps or read the official Facebook offer assistance article:

1. Press the scroll arrow within the upper right corner.

2. Select “Settings.”

3. Select the second option, “Security,” in the left sidebar.

4. Click Security Setting.

5. The final option is Legacy Contacts.

6. Select the Legacy Contact to edit option.

7. In “Select friends,” enter the name of the “friend” you want to use in the legacy contact and add your account’s contacts.

Some Notes for Managing Legacy Contacts

  • Legacy contacts will not be notified until your account is memorialized, but you can send them messages.
  • After Facebook is notified of your passing, you also can delete your account on the Security Settings page.
  • You must be at slightest 18 years old to choose legacy contacts.

Memorialization Process:

How to Memorialized Facebook Account

If you want to memorialize any Facebook account of any person, then you must follow these steps:

First, you have a strong Facebook account

Then victim account is a must in your friend list

When you think you disabled your victim account, you must note that your victim account is offline.

Afterward, you put this appeal in the victim profile and note that your victim account allows you to post on their timeline.

When you posted this appeal and tagged your friend

Then you react sadly to your post, which you posted on your friend’s timeline.

After that, you take a screenshot of your post, which you posted on a friend’s timeline.

Now you go to any browser like Chrome or Safari. Open your account in Browser and open it in Desktop mode.

After that, open your friend account in Browser and click the report option.

You click on something else in the report option and the memorialized account.

Then you see that new appeal page open in your Browser

After that, you fill out the complete form like Name, Date of Death, Mail which Facebook contact you and attach screen shoot.

Then click on submit button.

After Submission, you wait 24 or 48 hours for a Facebook response.

Report Appeal


I don’t know where?? to start when I heard that my friend is no longer with?? us I am heart broken I hope that you in a happy place?? and your wish was that the Facebook team memorizeand?ur account R.I.P ??


my liver is with you in your time of sorrow. (Name) you will be greatly missed but your warmth, kindness, and gentle spirit will be remembered forever. I can’t hold the tears back. It wasn’t fair that your life had to end. I’ll always keep you in my liver.


Words of condolence cannot erase the ache of your loss, yet I hope you find some small comfort in those that come your way. My heart goes out to you for the loss of ( Name ) ?? and I am keeping you in my thoughts.”always keep you in my of love is remembering then the Facebook team is requested to make this account memorialized.?????

How to Make Memorialization Group

If a family member deletes her account, they can create a Facebook memorial group.

1. In the sidebar on the left side of your Facebook account, under Groups, click Create Group.

2. A popup will appear where you can name your group, add members, or adjust privacy settings.

3. When you’re done, tap the Create button, and Facebook will take you to the gather.

4. In the upper right corner of the groups is an icon that allows you to upload an image and provide an email description and tags for the group.

Groups have a secret option, so they don’t appear in search results, only when group members add you. Invite friends and family to the memorial Facebook group of your loved ones.

Facebook says that if a family member or friend requests to memorialize an account, it will remain stored until deleted. That’s why it is important to remember that remembering could be a choice with results. 

We encourage you to contact your family or close friends if you consider requesting a memorial service.

In addition to the benefits of identity protection, a Facebook memorial page is an excellent opportunity to mourn the loss of a loved one.

Note: You must note that when your report the account, your victim is offline.

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